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Dog Training and Behavior Modification

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Behavior Modification

Behavior modification, as opposed to One-on-One Private Training which teaches new skills, is designed to address complex behavior problems stemming from  fear, anxiety and aggression. During the  initial 60 minute meeting, a  consultant will come to your home to meet with you and your dog to discuss your situation. Specific management strategies will be implemented to prevent undesired behavior while training begins.  Your consultant will email you a  detailed write-up and training handouts will be supplied during your appointment.


Board & Train

This is an effective alternative for  modifying specific behavior problems as well as an efficient means for jump starting basic manners training. Please call 720-442-1800 to discuss this option and to  schedule.
Your dog stays with Scott in his home  and is never kenneled.  Your dog will have access  to a  fenced in backyard and all exercise, play & dog-to-dog interactions are supervised to ensure your dog's experience is a positive one. In-home board & trains allow  for real life issues and behavior problems to be observed and modified, without the over-stimulation/ isolation cycle   which is commonplace in standard boarding situations.
Board & trains, consisting of two weeks or longer, include a free transitional training session.

$695/ week

One-on-One Basic Manners Training

Private, in-home training.  A  trainer  will show you how to teach your dog new behaviors and help you implement an effective plan for long term change. The  1 hour lesson builds on the last, progressing at a pace that's comfortable for both  you and your dog. A  written recap will be emailed to you that will   provide a  review of the information and exercises covered to assist you as you continue training  your dog.


Day Training

Day training is a popular option for busy parents who would like to see their  training goals met while they are at work. A professional trainer will come to your home to  provide 30 minutes of personalized attention and  efficient  training of new  skills. 
Day training can be used in conjunction with private lessons to speed your dog's learning.


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