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Testimonials & Bio​​

Hello Scott,
It’s been a week since Oden has been back from 2 weeks of boarding and training with you. Our family appreciates all the effort,  time and sleepless nights you  put into our little puppy. We cannot believe the positive changes in him;  Oden is night and day!  We have followed the advice and training you have given us. Your time on Sunday’s transition was invaluable.  Just to see you in action with our Oden was incredible! Addisen and I were just amazed at how you took the time to teach and validate the training with us.  We appreciate the referral of Dogtopia, where he can meet up with his friends and burn the energy. We can’t thank you enough and look forward to working with you on more training. I can’t say enough about your positive  training style, which has been amazing! You are a dog whisperer!  Thank you
Rea and Tim
Hi Scott,
Thank you so much for your time during the consultation on Sunday.  I just received your e-mail and found it detailed & informative.  We sure have our work cut out for us, but you have made it all sound plausible & attainable!!  THANK YOU! Again, a heartfelt thanks!  I will be keeping in touch with you.
Very Sincerely,
Diana F.

Hi Scott,
Thank you for reaching out to me. Bailey is amazing! I cannot thank you enough.  He is a dream come true. Bailey is good with everyone, and loves other dogs. He will be a great life long companion and I have you to thank. I will be in touch. You're the best, take special care,
Louise C.

Sadie loves Scott!!
"Scott is like a breath of fresh air. Our girl was so calm with him. He is a natural . I can't wait to have her see him again and work with him further. Thanks so much!!"
Amy S.

Hi Scott!
Thanks so much for all your help and education - I don't think I can actually thank you enough for  training "me"!  It is just what I needed. It has made a big difference for us all.
Sandy P.

One week after our first visit with Scott and we can see a huge difference in our girl!
"Both my husband and I were extremely happy with Scott. He made us feel at ease right away. We have a five year old female Chocolate Lab who has been attacked by dogs and it hasn't been easy to find someone who was able to help with solid first steps to getting our Luna less fearful. This will take time and we are committed with Scott that he is the one who can continue to "train" us and help get our girl relaxed and happy. 
If you are looking for someone who has the training, skills and expertise then Scott is your trainer! We look forward continue working with him."
Roberta E.

The  email was  amazing. Thank you so much for taking the time to write up everything in such detail. I have forwarded it to the other members of our family so we can all be on the same page. 
We'll keep you posted! 

Comprehensive training
""Certified" trainer really makes the difference. Worth the extra bucks! Very helpful write up provided by Scott after training session. Allowed me to follow through comprehensively with what Scott accomplished in first lesson. Wonderful experience."
Doug M.

You do such wonderful work. It must be so rewarding. A big thank you!!!
Barbara M.

Wonderful Experience
"Scott was amazing! He met our rambunctious pup, Burt and made an astute detailed plan of the steps we need to take to help our little guy with anxiety. The meeting was professional, informative and honestly, enjoyable! I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking dog training."
Jordon B.

You helped me with some post adoption training about 2 months ago with my fearful puppy, Fungus.  I meant to get back to you earlier, but I forgot how busy new puppies are.  I just wanted to let you know that it is going really well and your guidance was tremendously helpful. Thanks again for your help.
Annaleen V.

Happy Pets, Happy People!

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Scott Macdonald, CTC

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Scott Macdonald, CTC

​​Based in Boulder , CO  and serving the surrounding areas,  K-911 Dog Training, LLC is owned and operated by Scott Macdonald, a Certified Professional Dog Trainer. Scott previously worked, and continues to volunteer, for  the Humane Society of Boulder Valley, gaining over 10 years of experience, working for numerous departments including the Training and Behavior Center. He is a graduate of the Jean Donaldson  Academy for Dog Trainers and a  member of  APDT.

Scott is dedicated to helping dogs who are coping with fear, anxiety and aggression, and has a passion for helping family members gain a clearer understanding of how dogs communicate. He utilizes behavior modification techniques based on the science of animal  learning theory, in conjunction with alternative therapies, and is exclusively a reward-based, force-free trainer. He will map out an effective training plan  which targets your dog's specific needs and  your  desired goals. 

Scott shares his home with his endearing Rottweiler, Madi, and his comedic ball-crazed Labrador, Moose. In his spare time, he enjoys motorcycle rides in the mountains, fly fishing, and volunteering at the Humane Society of Boulder Valley.

Welcome to
K-911 Dog Training

​Specializing in behavior modification for troubled dogs.

"Some people talk to animals. Not many listen though. That's the problem." A.A. Milne

Dogs are amazing creatures! They approach life with a carefree  reckless abandon. Their lighthearted antics have a way of bringing a smile to our faces, even after the most taxing day.

But dogs live in a human world where basic training and manners are a  necessity. And in order to effectively train our dogs,  clear and consistent communication needs to be developed from both ends off the leash. Understanding how dogs learn and how they communicate  is  essential for  efficient  training.

Many dogs  see  the world as a strange and scary place. Occasionally, due to difficient socialization or traumatic experiences, dogs struggle to fit in and feel safe. And the stress, anxiety, fear & aggression that so many dogs, and their families, are coping with can be challenging to overcome. Let K-911 Dog Training help you overcome it!

Whether you have a pugnacious pooch  running a bit too wild or a fearful fido trembling in the corner, from basic manners to behavior modification, K-911 is committed to improving the quality of your dog's life, and your piece of mind!